Hera Syndulla   #120

Fan art of Hera Syndulla in a sad moment from the Star Wars Rebels series.
Hera Syndulla character grieving
ACEO sketch card of Hera Sydulla in pencil. #120
partway done artwork #120
work in progress

Hera Syndulla Details

This is from a great scene in Star Wars Rebels right after a certain character died. Hera Syndulla is grieving in a quiet moment.
Artwork Details
This is a traditional art graphite pencil drawing done on bristol board at 2.5 x 3.5 inches in portrait proportion. I finished it on the 5th of April in 2019 and it is number 120 in my art archive.
Art Subject Details
Hera Syndulla is one of the main characters in Star Wars Rebels, an animated series. She is the captain of a ship called the Ghost. Learn more about Hera here-a...

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