Giraffe With Tongue Sticking Out   #137

Wildlife art of a playful, happy giraffe, African mammal, with its tongue sticking out at you.
a giraffe with its tongue out in sunshine
Drawing of a giraffe done in pencils with crosshatching. #137
partway done artwork #137
work in progress

Artwork Details

I tried crosshatching with colored pencils and it turned out really well. This giraffe drawing is one of my favorite colored pencil pieces recently.
Artwork Details
This is a traditional art colored pencil drawing done on card stock at 10 x 8 inches in landscape proportion. I finished it on the 26th of June in 2019 and it is number 137 in my art archive.
Art Subject Details
Giraffes are from Africa, and they are the tallest mammal on the planet. They also have a very large tongue. Learn more about our tall friends...

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This piece was sold to a collector on Ebay. I would be happy to make another giraffe drawing, or other wildlife, if you are interested. Just get in touch or follow me.
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