My Cat Max   #176

Pet portrait of my own cat, Max, the large and lazy, looking up but not getting up.
my tabby cat laying down and looking up
Pen drawing of my cat, Max. He's a tabby and he's lethargic. #176

My Cat Max Details

My cat, Max, is an indoor-outdoor cat. He's an orange tabby cat, or a ginger tabby. In this drawing, I caught him lying on the deck and looking up at me.
Artwork Details
This is a traditional art ballpoint pen drawing done on card stock at 10 x 8 inches in landscape proportion. I finished it on the 28th of November in 2019 and it is number 176 in my art archive.
Art Subject Details
Tabby cats are domestic cats with distinctive stripes, dots, and swirls on their coat. Tabby is not a breed, just a description. Learn more about Tabby cats...

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